Rokas Balsevičius
Klaipėda, Lithuania
370 631 97869
I'm Interface designer with over 8 years experience in Web, Interfaces, advertisement, print and presentations design.

At the same time I have 5 years demonstrated working experience of Project Management in Digital, Construction and Oil&Gas projects. Knowledge in those industries gave me opportunity to succeed in Marketing, Team building and Management.
All above guarantees the highest quality product delivery to my Clients.
Interface DESIGN
Community BUILDING



Started in 2010 with banners for small companies and web forums. Then focused on Web interfaces and design, and in about end of 2012 web design became my source of living.

During this period I have experienced and fullfiled my portfolio with
- Hundreds of Website designs
- Tens of full scope Web projects
- Hundreds of print templates: brochures, flyers, business cards, stickers and more
- Some Mobile application designs
Some of works you can find at my portfolio page HERE

These times graphic content makes a very big impact to any business and its' sales so if you need the best results, a lot of attention should be paid on visual content.

My interfaces improving indicators and growing audiences as well as decreasing rejection rate and dissatisfaction.

Improve your sales together!


Years of demonstrated experience in steel structures production for Offshore Oil&Gas, Onshore, Marine and industrial projects.
Dozens of cable reels, subsea elements and of other type of constructions were managed to be produced from drawings to painted structures and sucessfuly delivered to the client.
Diverse experience allows me to implement projects efficiently and achieve the best results.


Strong market research and content management skills plus working with graphic content helps me a lot reach the target audience. My know-how and solutions increas the interests and decrease the rejection rate for the company.


Community growth is one of the keys to success for all companies or groups.
Year ago I have started managing local car club. Per this year due to my proactive communication, eye-catching content and interesting activities increased the interested of car owners and we reached target audience from about 300 to 1000 ant it just a START.
At the same time I have agreed with 10+ companies for sponsorship and collaboration for our events.

Skills & Software

Daily tools
Microsoft Outlook
Communication, time management and scheduling
Microsoft Excel
Data analysis tools, calculations, graphs
Microsoft PowerPoint
Reporting, marketing presentations
Microsoft Project
Task management, scheduling
Design & Engineering
Adobe Photoshop
Identity templates, graphic design: User interface design, ads, banners, web posters, photo retouch
Autodesk AutoCAD
Sketching, engineering
Adobe Illustrator
Wide format print design: flyers, brochures, brand logos, sticker templates
Client relations
Team building
Event management
Public speaking
Data analysis


My native language, highly skilled in all speaking, writing and reading
Smooth and proactive communication with some dictionary limits
Basics in general. Quite good at reading & writing

People say that